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Why did you change over the years?

Have your attitudes and opinions changed since you started doing whatever you do today? If you have changed, how so? Is that a good thing?

And so I approach the patient/physician encounter as a sanctuary from the rapacious, counterfeit, profit-driven world that I have to navigate through every day. I really am curious about these people who come into my exam rooms. I am interested in their seemingly trifling anecdotes and back stories. I love when they ramble on about some trip planned to Montana or the vegetable garden they had last summer or whatever. I am there as a privileged guest, invited inside, if but for a short while, when they are vulnerable and hurting and completely open and trusting. I have been allowed behind the curtain, and I don’t want to betray them, I don’t want to let them down. I want them to like me and trust me and believe in me. I need this to be true, and it doesn’t have anything to do with high HCAHPS scores or patient satisfaction metrics. Jeffrey Parks

Picture by United Nations Photo

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