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What is the last minute in your company like?

According to the ‘Peak End Rule’ people, including patients will rate an experience much more positively if the final moments of the experience are good or at the very least not horrible. So how you close a meeting warrants as much attention as how you greet the person and the thought you put into the interaction generally.

…. companies cause experiences as opposed to creating them, because customer experiences are created from everything perceived, felt and remembered by the customer…..In layman’s terms, design customer journeys that go out with a bang. Deliver a grand finale, even if staged, to make sure your company is causing experiences that make your customers feel emotion and remember. Mary Drumond

So what is the last minute in your shop, office or clinic like for your customer, client or patient? Doctors might want to reflect on the research evidence.

Experts have proposed four main skills which may contribute to a satisfactory ending of the consultation.

  • Summarising: summarises session briefly and clarifies details of care.
  • Contracting: contracts with patient regarding next steps for patient and physician.
  • Safety-netting: safety nets appropriately – explains possible unexpected outcomes, what to do if plan is not working, when and how to seek help.
  • Final checking: checks that patient agrees and is comfortable with plan and asks if any corrections, questions or other items to discuss.

But beyond that do you perform any ritual? Do you get off your chair as the patient stands up to leave? Do you accompany them out? Do you wait at the door until they move off down the corridor? What? Why?

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