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What happens after they leave?

What happens after you sell your product to your customer or client? They drink the coffee, drive the car or wear the coat until it’s time to get another one. It’s a bit different in healthcare because the story doesn’t end with the person taking the tablets on one day. Fred is 65 and he has diabetes. His blood sugar readings are high despite weeks of ‘dieting’.  There is no doubt that he needs drug treatment. At the same time his cholesterol levels and blood pressure are not satisfactory. He is going to need multiple medications. He is not sure why because he has no symptoms. What do you tell him? How do you frame this new reality for Fred? How will this impact on his life? He likes going on long holidays now that he has retired in fact last week he  booked a six week cruise for later in the year. He enjoys a beer and chips while watching television at night. He hasn’t been to a gym-ever. He still smokes a few cigarettes every day. He doesn’t like eating vegetables unless they are fried. His wife Joanne is ten yours younger and they still have ‘date nights’. He needs to stay driving his car as they live out of town. He is looking forward to the birth of his fourth grandchild this year. It’s reported to be a girl, the first grand daughter. He has heard that some of these medicines give you diarrhea and can make you impotent. According to his friend some cholesterol tablets give you muscle pain. What happens now doctor? How will you address Fred’s concerns about this new situation?

Picture by Carol Von Canon

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