The cracker saga continues. Twitch has handed the ironically named Comment Etiquette, whose real name is Erik Hoffstad, a 30-day ban for using "cracker" - a word it has deemed a racial slur - as part of a comment he made on stream.

Comment Etiquette, who regularly creates content on YouTube, said he was doing a casual stream where he was writing a script and interacting with viewers. When one of the viewers asked him what his favorite slur for white people was, he said "cracker." That may have prompted Twitch to crack down on the use of the word and ban him from the platform for a month.

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The streamer then took to Twitter and declared that he had enough of Twitch for one night and is going straight back to YouTube, which has hosted his content for six years. He posted a screenshot of the email detailing his ban from Twitch and said he was never going to stop using the word cracker on his streams, and that the platform, whom he tagged in the process, will never ban all of his accounts.

The video clip that triggered Comment Etiquette's month-long ban has since been taken down, but it is currently available for viewing on Livestream Fails. In the moments leading up to the controversial comment, he was ironically talking about the process of getting banned on Twitch in response to a viewer question regarding the practice. "Also, when you get banned, don't you get banned for, like, a week? I could easily take a week off for doing this, I already took a month off," he said.

Twitch isn't playing around with banning streamers for violating its guidelines regarding not only the language, but also streaming copyrighted content. Two days ago, it banned Disguised Toast for a month after receiving a DMCA strike for streaming Death Note. Pokimane, on the other hand, was only banned for 48 hours after streaming episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender without permission.

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