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Healthcare reform is inevitable. We are not doing enough to meet the growing need for healthcare in our communities. A failure to act now could bankrupt our economies or reduce our capacity to maintain a productive, taxpaying workforce. Outcomes in healthcare have many drivers and are not limited to incentives to meet arbitrary targets. Attempts to reform healthcare have not been universally successful with many adverse consequences of misguided policies such as introducing ‘pay for performance’ especially in general practice. There is a limited supply of doctors in some parts of many countries with a relative oversupply elsewhere. There is much scope to improve access to doctors by deploying the Internet without forcing doctors to locate to those areas. There is much to do to reduce medical errors and to curb the cost of treatment. These ten very short videos are the case for the prosecution:

The population is getting older.

The prevalence of chronic disease is rising.

There are not enough doctors where they are needed.

There is scope to radically improve access to medical practitioners.

There is sometimes a failure to communicate with patients.

The cost of treatment is rising above the rate of inflation.

We conduct unnecessary investigations.

There are expensive medical errors.

There is limited flow of information across provider interfaces.

Plans to reform healthcare have not been universally successful.

Picture by Hendel Thistletop

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