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Do you monitor your dashboard?

It is unlikely that you will arrive at work every morning energized, rested and looking forward to the day ahead. Last night the neighbour’s dog may have disturbed your sleep. You might spill your coffee as you rush to catch the train. You miss the train and as you run to the bus stop the rain starts and you realise you’ve have forgotten your umbrella. En route you might receive bad news or have an argument with your partner. Nonetheless you will have to get through the day and in healthcare that will mean giving those who seek your help your full attention notwithstanding how you feel. How do you prepare for that?

Jonathan has been refusing medication for diabetes for several months. His weight continues to climb. His blood pressure also warrants treatment as you have advised several times. Today he arrives unannounced to seek a prescription for steroids just in case his asthma becomes a problem over the weekend. He has a loud argument with the receptionist insisting that he has an appointment and besides he thinks his problem is urgent and he needs to see you now. He now looks sullen because he feels he has been spoken to disrespectfully.

It’s close to lunchtime and you are hungry. You have a headache and you are hoping to receive a text from your partner who finds out if his job interview was successful. What now?

Picture by Monja