Stalker 2 has been hit with a lengthy delay, as the team says that the game still requires "thorough testing and polishing". It is now set for a December 8, 2022 launch - seven months after its original release date.

The news comes from a short statement, shared on the official Twitter. The team doesn't go too in-depth, simply stating that the delay will allow developers to "fulfil our vision and achieve the desired state of the game", and that development should take "as long as necessary".

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"We have made a decision to postpone the release of Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl to December 8, 2022", the statement opens. "This decision is not an easy one, but we are doing the best possible to deliver you a game that can live up to the expectations".


The reaction from fans has been positive - if a bit disappointed - eager to get the best possible Stalker 2 experience when it finally launches.

It's not clear if it has played a part in the decision, but Stalker 2 recently found itself embroiled in a controversy. It was announced that the game would implement NFTs, allowing players to immortalize themselves in Stalker as a non-fungible token. The reaction was overwhelmingly negative, and the feature was quickly scrapped just a couple of days after the announcement.

Stalker 2 has had a lengthy development, with an original version of the game initially scheduled for a 2012 release. This was scrapped when developer GSC Game World dissolved in 2011 - only to reform and kickstart development once more in 2014. With any luck, this latest delay will ensure that it is well worth the wait, as Stalker fans haven't had a new instalment since 2009.

Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl is now set to launch December 8, and will be available on Xbox Series X/S and PC. It will be the first game in the series to get a console release.

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