Even though Payday 2 is all about heists and finding ways to get as much loot as possible in the shortest amount of time, that’s not all. It also involves a copious amount of resisting armies of police as they try to take you and your crew down.

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Still, each heist includes a segment that allows you to wander around in the open, set things up, and just generally get the lay of the land. The devs took this into consideration when they released the different types of Anniversary Statues and hid them all around the different environments and scenarios. While the limited time cash blaster gun is no longer available, you can still collect all these statues which pay tribute to the game's history.


Below are all the locations statues can spawn. The spawns themselves will be random and can occur on different days so it's worth checking these spots as you play each heist.

Safe Drills Models Around The Jewelry Store

In Front Of The Jewelry Store
  • Behind A Dumpster: Once the heist begins, head across the street and into the alley you’re facing. Keep going until you see a rusty white car. The statue will be behind a blue dumpster just beyond that car.
  • In An Office Cubby: Head to the back of the jewelry store to where the offices are located. Check the cubbies in the room across from the manager’s office.
  • Behind Some Bags In A Store: Along the main street, you’ll see a store with large glass windows called Precious Things. Behind one of the windows there are two paper shopping bags hiding one of the statues.
  • Behind A Stack Of Boxes: Across from the Precious Things store is a parking lot. Against the far brick wall of it is a stack of boxes with the statue hidden behind.

Meeting Almir In Firestarter

An Almir Statue Hiding Place
  • Under Some Rusty Stairs: Once the heist begins, cut through the chain-link fence in front of you. Head down the hill towards the nearest building and go to the right so you end up in the alley area. Stay against the wall and follow it until you find some stairs leading up, the statue is under them.
  • On A Trolley With Crates: From the rusty stairs, turn back and go right between the buildings. It will lead to an open area with cars. Go to the right of the building the opening faces and look for a cart with crates on it, the statue will be on it.
  • Next To An Office Plant: Once you’re in the main office building, go to the second floor and look for a board room. The statue will be on a counter next to a plant.
  • On A Security Office Desk: While still on the second floor, look for a security room filled with screens. The statue will be on one of the desks.
  • On A Building Rooftop: During the day, look for the building with the rotating & sign. Find your way onto the roof and you’ll find the statue sitting on a concrete indent near the sign.
  • On A Bookcase: Find a way into the & building and check the front office area. You’ll find the statue sitting on a bookcase filled with files.

Collecting SWAT Vans In Four Stores

Surveying The Stores Along The Street
  • By A Barred Door In The Alley: When the heist starts, turn around and go straight down the alley. Keep going until you see the alley turn towards the street. Look to the right and you’ll find the statue by the barred door.
  • On A Shelf In A Backroom: Enter Tune Out and head into the backroom past the kitchen. The statue will be on a shelf near the corner.
  • In A Kitchen Sink: Enter the Pear Store and find the breakroom on the left. The statue will be in the sink.
  • Behind A Worn Dark Door: Enter King Bo and go to the room at the back to the left. A dark wooden door should be open, look behind it to get the statue.

Toothbrushing In The Nightclub

Loading Screen Into The Nightclub
  • By A Light In The Corner: Enter the club and go to the upstairs terrace. Check the corner for a large light on a tripod, the statue will be behind it.
  • Behind A Mop Bucket In The Bathroom: Go into the men’s room on the ground floor of the club. You’ll find the statue behind a bucket in the corner.
  • On A Counter Near The Bathroom: Look for the bathrooms on the second floor of the club on the right side. The statue will be behind some bottles near seating by the railing.
  • On Drawers By Some Stairs: Go upstairs to the club operator’s quarters where there’s a desk and immediately turn right and follow the railing to behind the stairs. The statue will be on some drawers overlooking them.

Shining Medallions In Watchdogs

A Hidden Medallion In Watchdogs
  • Behind Against A Wall In Loading Area: Once you get out of the truck, exit left and head for the brick wall. The statue will be behind a wooden pallet.
  • By A Large Industrial Pipe: To the right of the truck is an elevated area that you can reach via nearby stairs. Look for a large rusty pipe behind a smaller pipe for the statue.
  • In An Open Rusty Dumpster: In the day, head for the Dock 9 sign. Turn around from it and you’ll see an open faded red dumpster with the statue in it.
  • On A Windowsill: Go into the warehouse near Dock 9 and head for the second floor. Head for the front-facing windows past the railing. The statue will be on the windowsill.

Sipping Cocktails In Rats

The House That Hides The Meth Lab
  • Behind A Stack Of Metal Barrels: Go into the house and find the lab. Look in the side room to find a stack of metal barrels in the corner where the statue hides.
  • In The Tire Socket Of A Rusty Car: Go down the street and turn into the driveway leading to the mission house. The second rusty car hides the statue where one of its tires should be.
  • On Top Of An Air Duct: The next day, turn around and go on the stairs to jump on the air ducts. Follow the ducts back the way you came to find the statue at the end in the corner.
  • In A Hallway Between A Door And Fire Extinguisher: Go into the apartment building and find the floor with gang members overlooking the alley. Check the hallway to find the statue by a barred door.
  • In The Corner Of A Bridge: Once you reach the bridge, look for one of the towers on the side. The statue will be in one of the points where the railing and building meet.
  • On The Other Side Of A Bridge Railing: As you cross the bridge towards the cranes in the distance, stay to the right. The statue will be somewhere on the other side of the railing.

Grabbing T-Shirts During The Bank Heist

The Top Of The Bank Picked For Heisting
  • On A Bench By The Harvest Trustee Sign: Once the heist begins, circle the bank until you find the large green sign. The statue will be on a bench by a tree nearby.
  • On A Rooftop Behind Air ducts: Make your way onto the roof of the bank and looks for two air ducts curving out of the wall. They’ll be hiding the statue.
  • In A Concrete Corner Of The Parking Lot: Look for the parking lot behind the bank. The statue will be in a corner created by two stacks of cinder blocks.
  • On Top Of Some Filing Shelves: Inside the bank, check the hallway leading towards the vault. The statue will be at the end on top of one of the filing shelves.

Putting A Mariachi Band Together In Mallcrasher

The Mall Before Being Crashed
  • In A Coffee Shop By The Steamer: Entering the mall, immediately go to the coffee counter to the left. The statue will be by the steamer.
  • By A Counter In A Clothing Store: On the second floor, look for the DC clothing store. Go in and you’ll find the statue by some folded shirts.
  • In A Gym By A Cycling Machine: Look for the gym on the second floor at the top of some escalators. Go in and find the statue near the furthest cycling machine.
  • On A Sill By A Glass Railing: Go up the left escalator near the coffee counter and turn left. The statue will be on a windowsill on the other side of the railing.

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