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Why do you care?

People like to know about their healthcare professional. Do you have a brief story about how it all began? Consider the setting? The year, the circumstances in which you set off on the path. What was the challenge? What issues or circumstances made … [Read more]

What do you share about yourself that’s a safe topic?

Health warning: As a doctor, the reality is you are never off duty and their status in the public eye demands a high standard of conduct at all times. Dr Naeem Nazem  At some point someone will ask you where you went on holiday or why you have a … [Read more]

Are you worried they’ll never stop talking?

It's a busy day at work and the next customer, client or patient settles in to tell you something. Are you secretly asking yourself:  How long will this take? Will it pay off allowing them to take a couple of minutes to speak about whatever's on … [Read more]

How will your respond to the next ‘big idea’?

You can bet that just around the corner there will be another 'break though' in healthcare. A new drug will be launched, a new procedure will be advertised, a new expert will pop up claiming to have found a cure. It won't take much, just swallow … [Read more]

How do you sneak work home with you?

You might not bring a sheaf of paperwork home, you might turn of your mobile devices and never carry your customer, client or patient home in a bag. But you might covertly bring them home in your cranium. So you never actually leave work. Those at … [Read more]

Your fists stop swinging where my nose starts

You complain when people are rude, late, unreasonable, inconsiderate or selfish. However to what extent does this reflect your messages to them? Might you be suggesting: It's Okay. I'm easy. My feelings don't matter. I can cope. I've got broad … [Read more]

Does your equipment work?

Everyone has equipment in their office that they take for granted right? But are we sure that equipment works? The stethoscope is the most iconic of instruments used by healthcare professionals. Our research suggests that people are far more trusting … [Read more]

What are you selling?

Whatever your role in life you are 'selling'. That might be obvious because you work in a shop or own a factory but less obvious if you work in a clinic, office or a hospital. According to Dan Pink white-collar … [Read more]

Are drugs always needed?

There is some evidence that housework helps anxiety and depression. So if you are a healthcare professional would you suggest that doing simple chores at home might help more than drugs? How do you bring that up in the conversation? Picture by Bev … [Read more]

Is there such a thing as simple administrative task?

Jane was invited back to have a repeat colonoscopy ( examination of the bowel). Her specialist wasn't happy that he had a clear view through her bowel last year and he couldn't be completely reassuring. Meantime Jane had noticed a change in her bowel … [Read more]