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Are doctors OK with being fallible?

Every doctor's nightmare Patient presents to doctor looking reasonably well one day. Doctor fails to make the correct diagnosis of some dreadful disease. Bad outcome the following day. It starts in medical school. Student's, especially … [Read more]

In healthcare better right than fast

It may be tempting to dream about being presented with a list of options, preferably as colour pictures. Standing in a very short queue or better still ordering by text and minutes later collecting the order (or have it delivered) complete with a … [Read more]

Do you know if you stand in the way of your own success?

Whose is the voice that helps you decide? Whose is the voice you listen to always? For you there is only ever one person in the room even though the room may be packed. In the end it is your own voice that will determine the outcome because without … [Read more]

Lead your team or leave

It is tempting to think that all solutions to your team's problems, all efforts to enhance your productivity can be imported from some wise expert. You can't please everyone. But the chance of pleasing your patients or clients becomes drastically … [Read more]

Yet more reasons GPs should not be distracted by pay for performance

There is no doubt that doctors make mistakes. Mostly people forgive them, the charitable view is that it's because people recognise that their doctors are human and by and large are trying to do a good job. The issue becomes most problematic when the … [Read more]

What do you already know before you consult your patients?

I tried this experiment today- given only a person's name and address from a phone book what can you find out about them from the internet? Location and state of home: Using Google street view I can see where the person I selected lives, or at … [Read more]

Indication of fundamental problems where you work

Patient feedback surveys are fashionable. Every healthcare organisation feels the need to do them; hardly anyone does anything in response to the feedback unless it comes with the threat of a formal complaint. Yet we spend countless hours designing … [Read more]

Placebos catering to the desperate and now delivered to your door

She was delighted with the 'results'. She showed me that her blouse was loosely fitting. "A couple of weeks ago this was tight" she insisted. I guessed her BMI was still at least 30 but 'Tiny deal' had sent her the answer to her prayers. An appetite … [Read more]

An object lesson in caring for people facing difficult decisions

It was always going to be hard. The property market is super heated. Houses are selling at record prices, sometimes several hundred thousand dollars above the reserve. Coming from overseas and with no experience of auctions, our friends struggled to … [Read more]

How to deliver good ideas quickly and cheaply in healthcare

Bad news-the words 'good', 'quick' and 'cheap' are incompatible. There are no short cuts in this business. To be a successful innovator you have to be intimately familiar with the healthcare business, you have to evaluate your innovations within the … [Read more]