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The House of Ashes is the latest entry into the horror anthology series, Dark Pictures, made by Supermassive. This game follows a cast of five characters - American and Iraqi soldiers - investigating a suspected weapons silo in Iraq. As you might expect, they get a lot more than they signed up for. More and more details about their mysterious circumstances are revealed as you play, which keeps you on the edge of your seat for the duration.

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Just like the previous Dark Picture games, House of Ashes focuses on key decision points and quick-time events to determine how the story plays out. This means there are lots of potential results for the game's ending and it's easy to get lost in the weeds.


You're in luck, though! We've brought all of TheGamer's House of Ashes guides and articles together here for your convenience. You'll find everything you need to know, including our review of the game, walkthroughs of each scene for those moments when a decision has really stumped you, and more.

Story Walkthrough

House of Ashes - The Raid - Erik and Rachel working on the generator on the left, Jason brandishing a rifle on the right

Wondering how to get through the game's story and figure out the consequences of your actions? You've come to the right place.

Before You Play...

Scene Walkthroughs

*Note: a common and well-known glitch means that the player may not see every scene when viewing the scene selection. Unfortunately, you'll simply have to head to the scene before the one you want to repeat.


Collectables And Achievements

House of Ashes - The Raid - Staked Picture on left, Gas Masks on right

For all the completionists out there, these articles detail how to find all the collectable items available in the game, as well as the things you need to accomplish for all of the achievements/trophies.

Reviews, Interviews, and Opinion Pieces

House of Ashes Review

This is where you'll find out how we enjoyed House of Ashes, and determine whether you'd like to try it out yourself! We have an official review, as well as several previews we got of the game before its release.

Reviews and Previews

Interviews and Opinion Pieces

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