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There are many ways to customize your character in Fallout 76, and which weapon type you choose to use is the most important decision. Unarmed weapons are often underrated, but they're a great choice if you enjoy close combat.

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The category for Unarmed weapons spreads across a diverse group of equipment, so there are lots of Perk Cards and pieces of gear that can aid you while using this build. Here's everything you need to know about creating an unarmed build and the best weapons to use for it.

The Best Weapon For An Unarmed Build


Unlike other weapon types in Fallout 76, unarmed weapons are few and far between. There are only a few types of unarmed weapons, so your choices are limited. The best unarmed weapon in Fallout 76 is the Power Fist. You can possibly find a Power Fist by searching the main room of the Sunnytop Ski Lanes lodge. Additionally, Vendor Bot Phoenix in Watoga Station occasionally sells this weapon.


The Power Fist deals between 48-58 base damage depending on the level, and it has multiple modifications, including Puncturing. Puncturing allows you to deal more armor penetration damage when you hit an enemy. If you can find a Power Fist with a legendary effect, then it's an even better weapon to use.

The Best Legendary Effect For Unarmed Weapons

The Vampiric effect is the perfect addition to any unarmed weapon. When your weapon has the Vampiric effect, you regain health whenever you hit an enemy. Since you can quickly hit an enemy consecutively with unarmed weapons, this ability is incredibly useful during combat.

The Best Stats For An Unarmed Build

There are a few stats and perks you need to customize to create the strongest unarmed build possible. Below you'll find out about the best way to spend your SPECIAL points, as well as which perks and mutations are worth using for this play-style.

The Best SPECIAL Point Allocation For An Unarmed Build


You can earn 56 SPECIAL points in Fallout 76, excluding legendary perks. You earn a point every time you level up until you reach level 50. Although your SPECIAL point allocation may vary depending on which Perk Cards you plan to use, below is a balanced distribution of stats for an unarmed build.

SPECIAL Stat Number Of Points
Strength 15
Perception 1
Endurance 15
Charisma 3
Intelligence 6
Agility 12
Luck 4

The Best Perk Cards For An Unarmed Build

Perk Cards are one of the most important ways to customize your build. You can only equip a Perk Card if you have the minimum SPECIAL stat requirement free. For Example, if you have a Perk Card that requires six Strength, then you need to have at least six Strength points available.

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Each card offers an ability or effect that can aid you during combat, but they aren't all equally useful for an unarmed build. There are lots of Perk Cards you can use, but the following perks pair perfectly with unarmed builds.

Perk Card SPECIAL Stat Point Requirement Base Effect Level Requirement
Solar Powered Endurance 1 Gain An Extra Point To Strength And Endurance Between 6 AM-6 PM Level 22
Adrenaline Agility 1 Gain 6 Percent Extra Damage Per Kill, Lasts For 30 Seconds And Stops Increasing At 36 Percent Level 49
Martial Artist Strength 1 Your Melee Weapons Swing 10 Percent Faster And Weigh 20% Less Level 16
Action Boy/Girl Agility 1 Your AP Regenerates 15 Percent Faster Level 2
Blocker Strength 1 Melee Attacks Deal 15 Percent Less Damage To You Level 21
Bloody Mess Luck 1 Your Attacks Deal 5 Percent More Damage Level 42
Barbarian Strength 1 Each Strength Point Grants You +2 Damage Resistance Level 14
Iron Fist Strength 1 Unarmed Attack's Deal 10 Percent More Damage Level 3

The Best Mutation For An Unarmed Build

The best mutation you can use for an unarmed build is Speed Demon. The Speed Demon mutation grants two effects; it allows you to reload 20 percent faster and increases your movement speed by 20 percent.

Although the first effect isn't useful for an unarmed build, the buff to your movement speed allows you to quickly manoeuvre around your enemies. The downside of the Speed Demon mutation is that you'll become hungry and thirsty faster.

You can unlock mutations by exposing your character to radiation by eating irradiated foods, swimming in irradiated water, or walking in irradiated areas.

The Best Legendary Perks For An Unarmed Build


You earn a unique perk slot when you reach levels 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, and 300. Each of these levels unlocks an extra legendary perk slot that allows you to equip one legendary perk.

With over a dozen of these perks to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which are best for your build. If you primarily use unarmed weapons, then these are the six most powerful legendary perks you can equip.

Legendary Perk Base Effect
Exploding Palm You Have A 5 Percent Chance Of Creating An Explosion When You Hit An Enemy
Retribution You Restore 1 AP And 1 HP Per Second After Blocking, Lasts For 15 Seconds
Brawling Chemist Creates 1 Combat Chem Per Hour, 3 Total Chems Are Available At Once
Taking One For The Team You Deal 10 Percent More Damage To Enemies After They Hit You While You're Part Of A Team
Legendary Strength Gain 1 Strength And 1 Strength Perk Point
Legendary Endurance Gain 1 Endurance And 1 Endurance Perk Point

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