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Doctors get to choose so much of what matters

You choose what you wear. They own the building, they chose the furniture, they employed the staff, they chose the wallpaper, they decided the policies, they set the opening hours. But whoever ‘they’ are there are only two people in the consultation. You and the patient.

You choose:

  • Your mood today
  • If you shake the patient’s hand
  • If you introduce yourself
  • Where you sit in the room
  • Where you look
  • When you stop talking
  • Whether you examine the patient
  • What you think
  • What you say and how you say it
  • What you do
  • How you terminate the consultation

And the patient chooses whether they like it.

Guess what? You get to choose so much of what matters to the patient. Choose well. You can make a difference. Create a better future for everyone.

Picture by Gilbert Rodriguez


  1. Robert Olcott says:

    I was blessed with ‘being downwind’ when C. Everett Koop retired as Surgeon General, and taught a course on ‘Bedside Manners’ at [then Dartmouth, now] Geisel Medical School.
    Some years prior I had had a Primary Care [Family Practice] Physician who initially rented office space [with staffing provided] from a Cardiology group who required a certain number/percentage of Cardiology referrals. When he later moved to a facility he owned, and chose the staff for, I ‘moved’ with him-even though it was 10 miles further away. I was, and remain grateful, for his integrity, compassion, ….

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