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Are you a do-gooder?

Are there limits beyond which you would not go? What are they at work? Who knows about it?

  1. Will you do extra shifts?
  2. Will you see more customers, clients or patients?
  3. Will you take phone calls outside of work hours?
  4. Will you agree to stay late?
  5. Give up your lunch break?
  6. Will you tolerate interruptions when you are doing something?
  7. Will you check your emails tonight?
  8. Will you use the word ‘ No’?

If you don’t set those limits what can’t you do?

  1. Exercise?
  2. Attend a family function?
  3. Sleep?
  4. Eat well?
  5. Be present for those who love you?
  6. Generate solutions?
  7. Create opportunities?

Why are the items on the second list not a priority? Who pays the price? How long before you feel the consequences? What is the quality of your ‘doing’? Will the world end if you set limits? Will you be missed if you were to be fired today or would you be replaced within hours? (OK may be days.) What worries you about setting limits? Is that logical? Really?

If you rate yourself as a people pleaser here’s some advice from¬† Dr. Pamela Wible

Picture by Matt Brown

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