Patient Experience Design

Professor Moyez Jiwa has led a program of health innovation research focusing on Patient Experience Design for twenty five years.

This work centres around optimising access to health care, improving patient outcomes and creating efficiency in the health care system.

The work was recognised when it was shortlisted for the Westminister medal, (UK, 2004), awarded the Peter Mudge medal ( RACGP 2015) and featured in the most widely ciculating newspaper in the world, the Times of India.

An optimum Patient Experience leads to:

  • Fewer premature deaths
  • Reduced suffering
  • Greater satisfaction for patients and providers of healthcare
  • Lower costs

A poor Patient Experience in contrast has an adverse impact on all four outcomes.

Examples of the work include:

  • Improved access to general practitioners
  • Better flow of information between providers
  • Improved outcomes for patients with symptoms of life limiting pathology
  • More targeted application of scarce resources
  • Better access for different genders
  • More proactive management of people with chronic illness
  • Greater smoking cessation and weight loss



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