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The population of most developed countries is getting older and sicker.
We are spending more on health care than ever before.
Healthcare costs could bankrupt us.
Conventional medicine is all about science, proof, tests, research, grants, hospitals, teams, appointments and data.
Its expensive and slow.

What could the future look like?

The health innovators of tomorrow will be people at the coalface working stealthily, unencumbered by committees, associations and conventions. People who have direct experience of health problems with the insight and determination to create solutions that work. They will be experts in patient experience design.

Lean Medicine is about solving healthcare problems with creativity, intuition and insight with lean and inexpensive innovations. It is based not on disrupting the healthcare system but on changing how the people who work in it and use it feel. By harnessing the passion to solve problems and deploying strategies quickly and cheaply we can shape the future of healthcare.

The Lean Medicine blog will discuss healthcare challenges, showcase examples of Lean Medicine in action and highlight innovations that work and have changed healthcare practice and outcomes for patients.

About Moyez Jiwa

I’ve been a doctor since 1987. I have worked in four countries and know the challenge of working in different healthcare settings. I am a Professor of Health Innovation at Notre Dame University and a GP practicing in Victoria, Australia.

I have learned that people who respond to those in pain and distress often know how to help. These caring professionals are often ham strung by the system. Despite these limitations they find ways to intuitively and creatively solve problems and care for their patients. We need the insight, passion and energy of these people at the coalface.

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